Peter Pan Soundtrack

The Peter Pan Soundtrack is the soundtrack to Walt Disney's animated 1953 classic, Peter Pan. The music was composed by Oliver Wallace.

Tracklist Edit

Track Title Movie Artist
1 Main Title - All This Has Happened Before Peter Pan The Jud Conlon Chorus
2 The Last Night in the Nursery Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
3 On the Rooftop - What's A Kiss - Perturbed Pixie Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
4 You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! Peter Pan Oliver Wallace, The Jud Conlon Chorus and the Mellomen
5 A Pirate's Life Peter Pan Mr. Smee and the Pirates
6 Blast That Peter Pan - A Pirate's Life (Reprise) Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
7 The Legend of Croc - Double the Powder - Follow Tinker Bell Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
8 Just When I Brought You A Mother - Banished Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
9 Following the Leader Peter Pan Bobby Driscoll and Paul Collins
10 Hide and Sneak - No Let 'em Go Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
11 Mermaid Lagoon - Bad Day - At Skull Rock Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
12 Plotting A Pixie's Plight Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
13 What Made the Red Man Red - Tinknapped Peter Pan Candy Candido and The Jud Conlon Chorus
14 Rumor Has It - Hangman's Tree Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
15 Big Chief Flying Eagle - I Had A Mother Once Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
16 Your Mother and Mine Peter Pan Kathryn Beaumont
17 Good-Bye Peter - Shanghaied Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
18 Captain Hook Never Breaks a Promise / The Elegant Captain Hook / A Little Surprise / Oh Tink / The Pen or the Plank Peter Pan ll Thompson, The Jud Conlon Chorus & Hans Conried
19 No Splash - Take That - I'm A Codfish - Crocbait - The Hero Of Never Land Peter Pan Oliver Wallace
20 Home Again - Mermaids, Pirates and Indians - Finale Peter Pan The Jud Conlon Chorus

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